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We strongly believe

that good data can improve decisions and save lives, and should be accessed for the lifetime of the patient.

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Healthcare is starting to realize that the real value of IT is not in applications but data.

Good data is the key to improving outcomes, managing chronic disease and enabling population health management. All healthcare data must be kept and accessed for the lifetime of the patient. This brings many challenges to current IT systems, since they are not designed for data outliving the application. When a change of application occurs (usually every 7-10 years), it is not uncommon to lose the historical patient data and start fresh with the new system.


“All Healthcare data must be shared between applications and kept for the lifetime of the patient, it must also become open and independent of the application and vendor."

Post-modern EHRs and new digital services in healthcare require more agile approaches with open APIs, vendor neutral clinical data repositories and modular infrastructure supporting security, performance and a high level of interoperability.

By publishing and exposing standardized APIs built on top of common and open clinical data models, health systems could leverage the innovation of SMEs to develop innovative and user-friendly apps, smart algorithms, decision support rules and other digital services in healthcare.

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