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The Think!EHR Platform™ partner program provides extensive resources, training and support to differentiate your business and increase profitability.

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Marand partnership program

Our partnership programs are established with the idea to help different SW development enterprises, as well as project and service delivery organizations, to build high quality solutions and efficiently rollout the projects.

With Partnership programs you not only get access to the latest technologies, but also the possibility to interact with our experts in the process of your capacity building and portfolio generation. The end result is faster, more efficient and a sustainable offering on the partner’s end, supported by Marand.

Standard partnership program

The Standard Partnership program has been designed to accelerate the development of clinical applications. It is primarily targeted towards SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) who have basic knowledge of openEHR methodology, or are aiming to build less complex applications, such as patient facing mobile health apps.

Premium partnership programs

The Premium Partnership program has been designed to accelerate the development of more complex clinical applications. It is primarily targeted towards medium and large scale enterprises, who are aiming to build more comprehensive solutions, such as Electronic Medical Records for acute care, or Care Coordination applications for longitudinal care services. To apply for the Premium program, previous knowledge of openEHR is not required, and any gaps in that sense can be efficiently addressed through the program.

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In order to further support partners during their development efforts, we have prepared an additional set of courses, which are extending the Standard and Premium programs, and they cannot be applied standalone without at least one of the programs running.


The Jumpstart course was created with the idea of assisting Partners with the creation of the first tangible and demonstrable asset based on Marand technology.

The deliverables come in the form of detailed architectural designs, clinical models and additional assets that were used to provide the solution. It does not assume actual SW code that can be used in further development processes by the Partner. Maximum duration – 30 business days, starting from the identification of the use case and start of the work.


The Integration course is intended for partners that wish to import/export data from legacy systems to the Think!EHR platform. The course enables partners with common technologies for such processes, but also explains the integration concepts on a sample use case. It explains in detail how to integrate data from many sources, ingest complex data formats, as well as transformation across protocols, data enrichment and normalization.

Depending on the partners’ case, more time and effort can be dedicated to a specific category. After the course, a comprehensive set of documents is provided to the partner.


The IoT course is aimed at the developers who would like to extend their iOS projects with full Bluetooth support for any Bluetooth enabled device - being a medical device or a Bluetooth remote controlled car toy! The target of the course is to explain the full Bluetooth stack with various scenarios for different use cases. Most Bluetooth medical devices are GATT compliant and we will pay special attention to them.

After the course, the partner also receives a basic framework and a set of documents.

Form renderer 

The Form Renderer course is intended for partners that wish to extend their existing iOS apps and/or Angular 2 apps with capable electronic forms, specialized for EHR, including advanced scripting capabilities - give life to your forms! You can also use Form Renderer capabilities as a standalone project in your existing web application.

After the course, the partner also receives a basic framework and a set of documents.

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  • “Marand, the supplier of Think!EHR Platform™, provided cutting edge technologies, allowing us to separate clinical data from process and application logic. This has been the main reason for choosing this platform for our project”
    Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov Deputy Head of Moscow City Department of Information Technology

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