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Looking for a Quick-time-to market platform?

The Think!EHR Platform™ partner programme provides extensive resources, training and support to differentiate your business and increase profitability.


What we see

We see our partners as an extension of our team with a significant role in our development and growth.

Jumpstart app development, focusing on the front-end functionality knowing you can depend on the enterprise grade services of the platform.

You can benefit from using Think!EHR Platform™ to deliver next-generation applications on a solid, semantically coherent foundation, achieving much faster time-to-market. If you are a small vendors or start-up you can leverage the Think!EHR Platform™ to deliver enterprise grade solutions with less investment.

Partner benefits

  • Access to Marand's developers
  • Access to Marand’s business team
  • Marketing material kits
  • Visibility and recognition by being listed as official Marand Partner

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What people are saying about us

  • “We needed a reliable, high performance health data platform. Think!EHR Platform’s advanced features and tools enable us to bring new products to market much faster. ”
    Tomas Mora Morrison
    Tomas Mora Morrison
    Tomas Mora Morrison CEO of Cambio+ Healthcare Systems
  • “Utilising Think!EHR platform™ will enable us to cut development time by months thus helping us reach delivery targets for the next generation of our product.”
    Tor Arne Viksjø
    Tor Arne Viksjø
    Tor Arne Viksjø


  • “Think!EHR Platform™ is the first full Health system based entirely on openEHR – a platform for managing structured clinical data.”
    Joana Feijó
    Joana Feijó
    Joana Feijó CRITICAL Software Health Care Business Developer Manager
  • “For Moscow City’s EHR project, Think!EHR platform™ exceeded our expectations, proving the ability to handle 20 million EHRs with 1 billion documents while achieving sub-second response times.”
    Alexey Soshnin
    Alexey Soshnin
    Alexey Soshnin

    Head of IBS Healthcare

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