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Think!EHR Platform

Facilitate new business opportunities for innovation

Ecosystem enablers

The tools which enable developers to easily create forms, views and queries are a powerful foundation for the ecosystem. Integration via documented and open APIs opens endless possibilities, for example to reach EHR data or readings from medical devices or assessments from clinicians.

  • Use of visual tools jumpstarts development of standards-based apps and applications.
  • New business opportunities for innovation are facilitated.
  • Focus on the front-end functionality knowing they can depend on the enterprise grade services of the platform
  • By using a common data platform, all applications become a basis for common collaborative care by all parties involved.


The IT health data market is a very competitive business environment, dominated by mega-vendors. Small development companies (independent software vendors) and startups face severe difficulties when entering the market as these large corporations offer monolithic EHR solutions and lock in their customers.

Large monolithic applications are being split into smaller apps focusing on a handful of relevant features. The problem is these apps do not talk to one another.
The absence of standards that mandate interoperability among solutions and devices impedes innovation and economies of scale and limits the scalability of such solutions.
Personalized IT solutions solving specific needs of health organizations are in these cases practically impossible to implement.


Enabling the setup of modular and platform-based ecosystems with the ability to reuse the data and widely adopted data models allows the developers of next gen healthcare apps to focus on the problem and not on underlying systems. This approach stimulates innovation and adoption of tools to deliver better care. The owner of the platform can develop all new value propositions for the healthcare sector.

Whether manually or automatically (electronic medical record, personal health record, other applications) entered data including medicael device data can be put on the health data platform.

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The Think!EHR Platform™ provides a seamless solution that enables web developers and startups to develop and deliver next generation healthcare applications and apps based on a solid, standards-based and semantically coherent platform.

The platform provides web developers and startups with tools to jumpstart the development of standards-based EHR systems, providing different deployment options and the possibility to develop enterprise-grade solutions with less investment to compete with bigger players.


Stimulating the development of innovative healthcare services based on a common platform makes it possible to invest less in the foundation and focus on the clinical problem.

  • Makes it possible to quickly develop new solutions using existing clinical data models (openEHR archetypes and templates)
  • Streamlines the development of next generation healthcare applications, apps and full-blown EHRs
  • Provides a solid, semantically coherent foundation to achieve much faster time-to-market for next-generation apps and applications
  • Enables easy evolution of the system, where the smallest change to the data schema or core functionality does not require significant change to the application

Added value

Allowing platform access to web developers and startups brings in new and revolutionary solutions to the healthcare market.

  • Sets up modular and platform-based ecosystems of best-of-breed solutions
  • Stimulates innovation and creativity for those wanting to make a difference
  • Empowers developers to easily build the next generation of compelling healthcare apps, create ecosystems and enable integration into existing environments
  • Creates a collaborative workspace for all involved.
  • Gives web entrepreneurs access to the market.

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