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Think!EHR Platform

Choose a platform that will result as an opportunity for your local system integrators and solution providers.

Think!EHR Platform™ for eHealth

Capturing data from disparate sources in various formats and storing it in normalized, open, community-sourced data models (openEHR) within a vendor-neutral health data platform.

  • Complementing existing, document-based HIE infrastructures with support for structured data.
  • Lifelong electronic patient health records used for care coordination and chronic disease management.
  • Clinical registries enabling population health management solutions.


As a rapidly increasing number of healthcare providers adopt electronic health records (EHRs), the benefits that can be realized from these systems is substantially greater when patient data is not trapped within individual institutions

The timely sharing of electronic health information can improve healthcare quality, efficiency and safety by ensuring that healthcare providers have access to comprehensive clinical information. Integration requires interoperability both of data and documents to allow the sharing of both types of information across multiple actors in care communities. It also vastly expands the volume and quality of health-related data for secondary aims, such as public health programmes and clinical research. It creates interoperability between existing systems across health and care and it allows easier implementation and integratation of new digital services and apps.


As far as possible, the deployment of solutions based on open standards that are independent of particular technologies is required, to allows multiple vendors to play and enable the easy replacement of any single proprietary component to avoid vendor lock-in.

There are many companies developing new and existing products to meet these challenges, and while many of these have a more open approach than has traditionally been the case, most are still based on solutions tied to a particular vendor or technology.

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The Think!EHR Platform™ standards-based modular solution brings together openEHR and IHE XDS in a very impressive way.

The software suite offers a standards-based modular solution supporting health and care services using document-sharing capabilities (IHE XDS) to mobilize documents already produced by legacy systems and the capacity to put data into an open, fine-grained, structured format (openEHR) that is technology and vendor neutral.


It brings the long-term benefits of openEHR and XDS, with the tools to easily engage frontline clinicians and other Health and Care Professionals in its curation ensuring the right information is available in the right place at the right time to support safe, efficient care.

  • Powerful querying and analysis of normalized healthcare data that can be used for national or regional care coordination.
  • Integration of systems and information in the complex environment of health and social care across a city region.
  • Opening platform APIs to app developers which will foster competition and innovation in communities.

Added value

Requirements and technology will evolve, but for now and the foreseeable future the approach taken is the best bet for the integration of systems and information in the complex environment of health and social care services across a region or country.

  • IT vendors are no longer responsible for data modelling and definition of eHealth infrastructure, thereby preventing vendor lock-in and reducing the risk when developing new healthcare solutions.
  • Provides customers with a way to avoid procuring massively expensive, inflexible lock-in solutions, and instead procure incrementally, openly and adaptively..
  • The respective contractors will be a new kind of solution integrator, embracing platform standards and doing the technical work of obtaining and connecting the specific applications and services needed by the healthcare provider.
  • Enables IT vendors to build technically compatible components giving eHealth programs access to best-of-breed applications.

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