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Think!EHR Platform

Improved decision making through relevant health data

Healthcare Providers

Improves decision making with consolidated patient view through a facility-wide vendor-neutral repository of all relevant health data

  • Enhances research capabilities
  • Streamlines decision support rules generation and care planning
  • Facilitates building of health data warehouses based on standardized data models
  • Makes it possible to quickly develop new solutions using existing archetypes and templates


Healthcare organizations are beginning to realize that the real value of health IT is comes not only from the use of its applications but also from understanding of the data.

Today structured data stored in proprietary systems are not shared, making care coordination, real-time analytics and knowledge discovery difficult.
EHR data is usually stored in different information systems, in unstructured form and in different vendor-dependent data formats.
Health data are owned by the vendor and not by the health organization, and even the smallest change to the data schema or core functionality costs inordinate amounts of money and usually requires a long wait as well.

Vendor-dependent technologies (monolithic healthcare applications offered by mega-vendors) are not designed for data outliving the application and as such are making lifelong health records difficult.
When health organizations want to switch to a new vendor, the changeover costs related to the data are massive and the risks so great that this consideration alone paralyzes them for years with the current ineffective solution.


Healthcare providers need to stop thinking of holistic solutions as products, and think instead of the ‘solution’ as a platform-based process unfolding in time, in which they mandate the standards used, and are able to incrementally buy or build each new piece following financial ability and clinical priority.

Disrupt existing monolithic IT solutions by providing a modular architecture thus enabling the development of next generation healthcare IT solutions, apps, portals and new business models.

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Vendor-neutral structured clinical data repository (CDR) designed not only for exchanging clinical data, but for real-time, transactional data storage and retrieval required to build full-blown clinical applications

Build on community sourced clinical data models (openEHR) with an integrated clinical data repository, providing the API and foundation for developers to build semantically interoperable applications, enterprise clinical information and apps for modern mobile devices.


The Think!EHR Platform™ modular approach relies on the platform concept, which separates definition of clinical content, semantics, workflows, guidelines, checklists and clinical decision support rules from the software.

  • Using a 2-level modelling concept provided by openEHR enables the knowledge layer to be separated from the IT layer and maintained by clinicians rather than IT staff (it puts clinicians in the driver’s seat, enabling them to create the breadth, depth and complexity of the health record to suit their needs for direct healthcare provision).
  • Supporting a modular approach (multiple vendor, with single EHR, preventing clinical data fragmentation) enables components & solutions from different vendors to co-exist and work together.
  • IT vendors are no longer responsible for data modelling and definition of HCPs infrastructure, thereby preventing vendor lock-in and reducing the risk when developing new healthcare solutions.
  • Providers gain a way to avoid procuring massively expensive, inflexible lock-in solutions, and can instead procure incrementally, openly and adaptively in line with the customer’s needs.
  • Enabling HCPs to build technically compatible components gives clinicians and professionals access to best-of-breed applications.
  • Easy evolution of the system means that the smallest change to the data schema or core functionality does not require significant change to the application.

Added value for customers and partners

Using the tools which are part of Think!EHR Platform™, the healthcare providers can easily adapt to rapid and constant changes in healthcare and its impact on health data. The availability of consistent clinical data across applications helps professionals deliver better care while enhancing research capability.

  • Provides lifelong electronic patient health records based on comprehensive vendor-neutral health data repository
  • Provides better informed decision making based on comprehensive patient data, improving accuracy of diagnoses
  • Leads to more informed treatment, resulting in safer and more personalized medication and treatment.
  • Enables proactive population health monitoring.

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