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Chronic disease management system

Intuitive. Modular. Flexible.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (

Pathfinder is an intuitive and effective disease management system, which offers care teams a modular, plug and play solution to treat chronic disease patients across continuum of care more successfully.

The solution can cover different organisational needs – to quickly build a simple disease registry or cover comprehensive care coordination requirements.

Users and buyers challenges


Pathfinder, powered by our core product Think!EHR Platform™, is designed on Marand's vision:

  • to enable a life-long patient record, including patient generated information by improving the flow of information and quality of data across health and social care systems
  • to build applications that will bridge different EHR vendors, innovative start-ups, remote patient monitoring suppliers, national and cross national registries by using best of breed modules from any supplier
  • to allow for maximum vendor independence to its customers, either through the use of open data models or by using tools to customize, adapt or change application functionalities.



Each functionality is a separate module, allowing buyers to purchase only what is needed. The module can come from Marand’s suite or other vendors.


The solution comes with a pre-built content and care modules to speed up implementation and a set of tools enabling buyers to adapt the application to their own needs with none or little programming, allowing a high level of buyer’s independence from the software vendor.

Open data

All clinical data is stored in openEHR format, utilizing all the benefits of using standardized, open data models. Powered by Think!EHR Platform™, the solution is utilizing all of its capabilities and features, speeding up development and implementation.

Process driven

The solution enables configuration of the processes and setting up care protocols by the end user. Generated tasks are prioritized and assigned to care team members within a centralized worklist.

Features / Modules

Care team

Care team

  • Dynamic and intuitive
  • Web and mobile
  • Configurable portlets
  • Full view of patient clinical information

Processes and

  • Care plan and protocol builder
  • Centralized worklist (Real-time, role-based actionable alerts and tasks)
  • Patient enrolment
  • Patient assessment, examination and diagnosis
  • Care plan setting and execution
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Remote patient monitoring on-boarding and monitoring


  • Document viewer
  • Order comms
  • Laboratory modules
  • Care team communication
  • Comprehensive medication management tool (ability to integrate Think!Meds module)
  • Education content share
  • Patient reported outcomes questionaries’
  • Analytics

Engaging patient at home


  • Dynamic and intuitive
  • Web and mobile
  • Configurable portlets
  • Full view of relevant clinical information


  • Care team – patient communication
  • Remote patient monitoring of vital signs
  • Self-assessment through questionaries’
  • Patient access to care team generated information and documents
  • Involvement of patient's related person

Solution management functionalities


  • Process configuration
  • Ability to build and deploy forms and views without programing
  • Terminology handling
  • User identity and process authorization management (attribute and role based)

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