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Comprehensive medication management system

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Medication management challenges

According to the Institute of Medicine’s Preventing Medication Errors report, the average hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication error per day. This confirms that medication errors represent the most common patient safety error and one of the main concerns when it comes to an overall patient care.

Healthcare providers worldwide are trying to solve the challenge of improving patient safety, reducing medication errors, optimising workflows and move away from paper based medicine to digital and more personalised healthcare. One of the crucial steps to achieve that is access to comprehensive medication management system that is simple, powerful, engaging and improves coordination between physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

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Mobile, well-designed, powerful

Think!Meds is a comprehensive, user-friendly and innovative medication management solution that has been developed in close collaboration with University children hospital Slovenia and localised for UK in collaboration with the NHS England Open Source community and several other NHS trusts (Think!Meds). It is designed to completely replace time-consuming manual paper based prescribing.

Think!Meds significantly improves communication between physicians, nurses and pharmacists. It enables creative use of data, helps work prioritisation, provides reports to reflect-on and optimise established workflows.

It's extensive feature list, integrated decision support and powerful integration options are designed to empower doctors, nurses and pharmacists to improve patient safety and deliver better and more personalised care.

Think!Meds is built on Vendor-neutral, Lifelong, Open Data. Think!EHR platform™. A health data platform based on vendor-neutral open data standards designed for real-time, transactional health data storage, query, retrieve and exchange.

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